Hand Anemometer Comparison: Windie 360 Professional Anemometer

An anemometer is a vital wind speed measuring tool to use when competing in sailing, kiteboarding, windsurfing, or other wind sports.

Wind speed data enables any competitor to select the fastest course, plan tacks that hit the mark in the least time possible, and choose the correct sails and equipment to win.

We compared four typical types of hand anemometer devices found on the market in 2022 and looked at handling, ease of use, accuracy, durability, and battery power capabilities to find the best device.

There are four basic types of anemometers available in affordable cost ranges under €100 –  and the Windie360  Professional Anemometer came out a winner on five counts. Let’s take a closer look at the top features of the Windie 360 Pro and compare it to other models available in the same price range.


5 Points of Comparison: The Windie 360 Hand Anemometer

1. Accuracy in All Wind Directions

Accuracy is the most decisive factor to consider when purchasing a professional anemometer. The Windie 360’s propeller is designed to measure wind speed from all directions (360 degrees) to ensure accurate results in any situation.

This is advantageous because many wind testing tools need to be pointed directly upwind to get an authentic reading. When you are standing on a moving vessel and the weather conditions are rough; with sudden gusts of wind, unpredictable squalls, or high seas, determining wind direction is not an easy task for any sailor – and guessing leads to inaccurate readings.

With the Windie 360 hand anemometer, all you need to do is hold the device up with one hand and point it in any direction for a correct wind speed reading.


2. Usability – One Hand Anemometer Use

While some devices require an opening operation that requires two hands, the Windie360 device is designed to fit exactly into your palm. You can use it with one hand, and keep the other free for multi-tasking –  such as holding another device or steadying yourself on the boat in windy or stormy weather.

The Windie 360 can sustain damp conditions over water but is not waterproof. This is due to the sensitivity of the accurate cup sensors in the rotating head mechanism.


3. Durability and Reliability in your Pocket

The Windie 360 is a durable wind measuring tool and works well in all weather conditions, especially for professional anemometer use. The accurate system of three rotating cups at its head is protected by a round cage of strong plastic bars, guarding the sensitive reading mechanism.

Having a protective shield makes the device a practical choice for sports that involve potential knocks, bangs, and accidents that may damage the accuracy of the sensors, which can measure wind speed once every second.

Frequent readings are necessary for reliability when racing, changing direction to the wind, or plotting a course to tack. The Windie 360 Pro hand anemometer will deliver accurate wind data repeatedly and reliably to avoid any miscalculations.

The Windie 360’s sensors are robust and do not need a cap to protect them, unlike most other devices. The tool can be popped into a pocket, ready at any moment, without the need to cap and uncap it for use.


 4. AAA Batteries –  Easy to Replace

The Windie 360 Pro takes standard AAA batteries, commonly used in household appliances, that can be purchased in small convenience stores worldwide. You’ll be able to replace them easily –  even when you’re sailing in remote locations. And they’ll last you over 40 hours of valuable wind speed testing time.

The hand anemometer comes with a small screwdriver that will fit easily into your toolkit but does not come with the AAA batteries – which need to be purchased separately. It also arrives with a FREE black fabric cover to use for storage – an extra accessory not given with most other models.


5.  Great Value Promotion: All-Inclusive Order with Shipping for less than 100 Euros!

Not only do you get a superbly accurate handheld device with a free bag, but In June 2022 Windie 360 Pro is offering an amazing promotional deal for Summer 2022: All orders will include FREE GLOBAL  standard shipping.  And, the units + delivery will cost you less than 100 euros. There is no better value on the market today!

You can’t go wrong with the Windie 360 Professional Anemometer. It’s the best wind speed measuring tool available because it’s reliable, accurate, durable, and easy to use.

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Accurate, No need to point at the wind Yes No Yes No
One hand use and reuse Yes No No Yes
Free fabric cover Yes Yes No No
Durability, resilience in storage Yes Yes No Yes
Common battery Yes No Yes No


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